New Generation of Photograph

A high point of us to create gorgeous life-style photos is using the CGI Room Scene. We have a process of composting product images that are photographed and the scene from computer. This way we can create a room like the realistic walls, pictures to the decorations. They all look natural perfectly make you indistinguishable.

We can take photograph at client’s factory without moving the product to the studio. This is very convenient for clients and maximum savings on employees, costs and time.

Our cutting-edge digital imaging retouching and post-production technology will create a truly natural and diverse photo of the style, perfectly suited to your product and it’s really a great photo.

Vantage points with CGI room scene :

    • Raw photo from client or we can shoot them at factory or our Studio.
    • High resolution 300 dpi/inch, same size as the raw photo.
    • Realistic look, natural lighting, shadow effect.
    • Scene designable according to customer.
    • Rich scene library, abundant props…
    • Safe for the product, no moving to studio.
    • Flexible time, fast completed.
    • Save time, save cost…

A video below showing before and after CGI Room scene apply.